Google May Soon Replace Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha

After a lot of speculation and anticipation, Google was finally able to get approval for the acquisition of Motorola Mobility at $12.5 billion. The acquisition will lend Google well over 17,000 patents which may help it immensely in stabilizing its position in the Android world. According to certain sources, Google has plans to replace the current CEO of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha, with Dennis Woodside, who had been overseeing the merger from Google’s side.

These reports are not official and so far, Google hasn’t said a word over this. But it is only obvious that folks at Google would want someone they know well at the top seat in Motorola Mobility. Woodside had formerly been leading Google’s ad sales in America but then left to oversee this merger with Motorola Mobility. Now, sources close to this merger are claiming that Google has chosen Woodside from a brief list as the next CEO of Motorola Mobility.

According to an analyst in San Francisco, “The main thing he’ll need to figure out is what sort of hardware strategy is needed to offset the assault by Apple.┬áIt’s an interesting choice.”

During the process of this merger, Woodside has been reporting directly to Larry Page, Google’s CEO and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette. He has a long experience and has served as the vice president of Google in UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This does make him a fine choice for the position of leading Motorola Mobility and utilizing this new acquisition towards profiting Google’s Android ventures.

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