Intel May Launch New Processors For Tablets In 2014

This year, Intel has been gearing up to focus on the smartphone and tablet market with its upcoming ‘Silvermont’ architecture. Now, however, DigiTimes has reported that the chip-maker will launch the next generation of its tablet processors, touted as Cherry Trail lineup, in 2014.


Intel has long tried to win a good foothold in the mobile market. So far, the company has had limited success. When Intel unveiled the Silvermont architecture, it was clear that the company was shifting its energies from the PC sector back to the mobile market.

Tablets packing chips from the Silvermont line-up will become available some time by the end of 2013. DigiTimes now claims that right at the heels of this launch, Intel is gearing up with its Cherry Trail and Willow Trail processors. Processors from these line-ups, the report claims, will be part of the tablets which will hit the shelves in mid-2014 or so.

These processors will be based on the Airmont architecture and will fall under the 14-nanometer category, making it a very advanced chip offering. However, DigiTimes record in reporting authentic news has been rather mixed over the past few years.

So while we may believe that Intel is indeed readying the next crop of tablet-oriented processors, the other details that are being reported by DigiTimes should be taken with a grain of salt.

Courtesy: CNET

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