Internet Explorer Top Browser Of 2011, Followed By Firefox And Chrome

Peoples’ usage on Internet Browsers have led Microsoft’s official Web Browser ‘Internet Explorer (IE)’ on top in 2011. Through many ups and downs, Google’s Web Browser Google Chrome and Firefox hangs on 2nd and 3rd position respectively. It appears that Web Browsers are Fighting for something special. And Google Chrome is gaining market share first. Check details data and stat below.

Both Net Application and StatCounter have released their figures for web browser market share for 2011.

Internet Explorer (IE)’s Position :
The graph clearly shows Internet Explorer’s degradation gradually, but still it holds the top position. According to Net Applications, the current figure of IE is 52% and 39% according to StatCounter. Actually, Internet Explorer 9’s share led it up to over 25% on computers running Windows 7.

Google Chrome (GC)’s Position :
Where IE had been falling down, on the contrary, Google Chrome (GC) had been experiencing 84% growth years over years. It is the highest figure far beyond any other browser on the market. It now stands at 27% according to StatCounter or 22% according to Net Applications. It is in the 2nd Place.

Mozilla Firefox’s Position :
Due to Mozilla Firefox’s market share had fallen down, it faced a terrible year. StatCounter shows Firefox is lagged behind of 25% share than Google Chrome which currently placed them in 3nd. On the other side, Net Applications shows that, Firefox is standing on over Google Chrome at 22%.

The following detail report of using the Internet Browsers gives the total history.

But, behind the scene of IE’s success on top above all is, using the the Windows Operating System (OS) such as Windows XP/Vista/7. At least, the following graphs says so. Have a look.

Let’s see who will be on top in this year? As the browsers are making/modifying them more, it definitely can be said that, the browser’s momentum isn’t slowing down.

Source : Net Application, StatCounter, Windows Team Blog

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