iPhone Brought More Money For Apple Than Microsoft Gathered With All Products

A short while ago, Apple impressed all the analysts and the public alike, when the company officials presented an all time record quarterly earnings report, announcing a revenue of $46.33 billion. Now, in the effort to put the information into perspective, analysts managed to strike a significant blow to the ego of a long time Apple rival, Microsoft. Apparently, Apple made with one product, granted with the latest representative being the most notorious currently on the market, we’re talking about the iPhone series, more than Microsoft made with its all range of products.

Microsoft announced its quarterly earnings call and analysts couldn’t help but making comparisons. Microsoft let everyone know that it made less than half Apple made, $20.9 billion. To make the situation more embarrassing for Microsoft, it turned out that iPhones alone brought more than Microsoft. More precisely, iPhone brought into Apple vaults about $24.4 billion, and this line of products proved to be not only more profitable then Microsoft’s entire company but also the most profitable device put on the market by Apple.

However, Microsoft still has some advantages over Apple. When it comes to computer market, Microsoft still has the lion share. In addition, Android is also the top mobile platform. Still, Apple’s performance is more impressive if we think that 15 years ago, ten years before iPhone was introduced to the public, was accused of amassing huge amounts of money by pushing a monopole position on the market.


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