Jerry Yang Leaves Yahoo!

One intriguing page in the history of Silicon Valley has been written recently after Jerry Yang, former Yahoo CEO and director, suddenly decided to leave the company he helped founding. The move has been anticipated by many industry observers who noticed the intensive turmoil at the top of Yahoo management.

Sara Swisher from AllThingsD pointed out recently that the attitude towards Jerry Yang became almost unbearable and many predicted and even clamored for Yang’s leaving. “Yang had become a lightning rod for a lot of the trouble Yahoo has gotten into over the years. That was true with major investors, who have been more loudly saying of late to its board that his continued presence was a problem,” Kara Swisher wrote recently.

One of the main reasons for discontent was Yang’s intrusion and overwhelming influence in all the negotiations. The latest, the meeting with Yahoo’s Asian partners raised some concern on that matter, as officials from China’s Alibaba Group and Japan’s SoftBank explained. At the same time, reports say that Jerry Yang lost the support of his most loyal fanbase: Yahoo employees. Under the circumstances, Jerry Yang’s position as a true leader began to be seriously questioned and apparently there was no other option than the Yahoo co-founder to step down from the top position and to leave the company.

Scott Thompson was appointed the new CEO, who at the time of the sudden change of power was in Los Angeles and had to join the tempestuous meeting from that location.

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