Jimmy Fallon Hides MacBook During Bill Gates Interview

When it comes to the Microsoft vs Apple debate, one is always reminded that it is probably one of the longest-running rivalries in the tech industry. In a recent interview with Bill Gates, Jimmy Fallon was an unwitting victim to this rivalry when he tried to hide his MacBook during the interview.

Bill Gates interview

Fallon started his interview well enough, discussing Gates’ philanthropic efforts around the globe. Gates was smiling and spoke enthusiastically about his charity organization’s projects worldwide. Incidentally, Fallon had a MacBook on his tablet, together with an Apple keyboard and mouse.

Gates’ eyes drifted to the MacBook for a moment or two but from a viewers’ angle, it didn’t seem too significant to him and he didn’t seem to mind it. However, Fallon apparently felt that the Microsoft founder was somehow offended by the presence of an Apple machine and right in the middle of his interview, excused himself. He then hurriedly hid the MacBook under his desk and then did the same with the Apple keyboard and mouse.

Gates merely laughed at the gesture and then went on to speak about the future of smart devices. The incident is a reminder that Apple and Microsoft are still bitter rivals of the tech industry. And although Samsung is Apple’s key adversary when it comes to the smartphone industry, Microsoft has been an old opponent and the two have differences on a more fundamental level.

While we can only guess at what Gates thinks of Apple products today, it has long been known that Jobs and Gates didn’t exactly take a liking to each others’ companies and their products. So Fallon, although landing himself in the middle of a faux pas, may not have been wrong in assuming that using a MacBook in front of Gates may be rude to the billionaire.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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