Judge Gives Apple Green Signal For Siri Case Against Samsung

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues to rage; this time, it is confined to the court-room of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh. While Judge Koh recently cut down Apple’s damages in half in a recent ruling, she has given the iPhone-maker the green signal to proceed with yet another case against Samsung – this case involves Apple’s Siri.


Apparently, Apple has paired up patent types and launched different lawsuits against Samsung, involving different groups of patents. The case in question involves a group of patents which includes the Siri technology. Apple claims that Samsung is in violation of these patents.

Judge Koh had earlier remarked that she may put the Siri-related case on hold due to the recent verdicts on Apple’s other lawsuits against Samsung. However, she apparently changed her mind eventually and has allowed Apple to proceed with the case now.

This may be a result of Apple’s objection to Judge Koh’s earlier remarks about the Siri case. Apple is also appealing another of Judge Koh’s ruling in a verdict where she refused Apple’s demand of having different Samsung products banned from the U.S. market. It is expected that it will be another few months before the results of Apple’s objection to this ruling become any clearer.

In any case, while Apple did look like on the winning side when the $1 billion verdict was granted to it, the company has been losing ground since.

Courtesy: CNET

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