Jury Found Samsung ‘Guilty’ Of Copying, Awarded $1.051 Billion To Apple

The victory finally chose Apple over Samsung in the epic patent troll of the century. The U.S. jury gave a verdict that Samsung has deliberately copied critical features of iPhone and iPad, and they decided the fine for such infringement to be $1.051 billion dollars. The epic battle ‘partially’ ended on Friday, earlier than expected, in a Federal Court in California.

Apple vs Samsung, Image Credit : http://blog.keia.org

Earlier on Friday, a South Korean court blamed both Apple and Samsung for copying each other. The verdict temporarily banned multiple products in South Korea from both the companies; precisely 10 products from Samsung and 4 products from Apple.

But, in its home ground, Apple reigned over Samsung. The trial, headed by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, ‘partially’ ended with a ‘guilty’ verdict for Samsung, and awarded $1.051 billion to Apple in damages. “This is the best-case scenario Apple could have hoped for,” said Santa Clara law school professor Brian Love.

The fight, that began last year upon Apple’s lawsuit filings in multiple countries accusing Samsung of infringing patents owned by the former, is widely seen as Apple’s war against Google’s Android. And, with this verdict many Android-based devices now face challenges from Apple over patent infringements.

Source: Reuters

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