Larry Page Suffers From Vocal-Cord Paralysis, Officially Confirmed

For long, doubts have been casted on Google CEO, Larry Page’s health. In the past, Page has taken long leaves from his work on the pretext of health issues. Recently, he has revealed that it’s nothing serious and that he simply suffers from vocal-cord paralysis.

Larry Page

Page’s health is an important topic for Wall Street gurus, given the fact that Google is a public company. Page has taken to Google+ to do a rather detailed post on his health condition, so as to appease any untoward speculations. In his post, Page has simply stated that some 14 years ago, one of his vocal cords became paralyzed when he had a rather serious case of cold.

This significantly affected his voice and one of the two vocal cords never recovered. Last year, his other vocal cord also suffered due to cold but it wasn’t very serious and Page was able to recover fairly soon.

Despite these health issues, Page has stated that he is perfectly fit to lead a regular life at home and at work. The affirmation is meant to send a message to the investors that Google’s CEO is physically fit. Page’s declaration comes on top of nearly a year-long mystery which has surrounded the whole issue.

Many have speculated in the past that Page is suffering from some serious illness. Page has revealed that so is not the case and that the only thing that he has to ‘suffer’ is a softer, or raspy voice, at times. The up side of this is that, Page says, he has to choose his words carefully.

Courtesy: WSJ

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