Lenovo May Acquire HTC Soon, Rumors Say

HTC has long been cited as the sick child of the smartphone market. The company started with an excellent potential and a brand value that put it up there among the top players but over time, HTC’s smartphone market and its stock value has plummeted. Now, rumor has it that the Chinese company Lenovo may acquire HTC soon.


Although HTC started off with a good start in the smartphone market, over time the likes of Samsung and Apple have taken the front seat. As Samsung and Apple continue to gobble more and more of the smartphone sales volume, HTC’s share is declining continuously.

Over time, HTC’s market value has shrunk by 88%, coming down to virtually nothing as compared to its earlier value. It is at such a point when rumors are abound that the Chinese tech giant, Lenovo, is gearing up to take over HTC. If the rumors does prove true, this would mean that Lenovo will be able to bag HTC for cents on dollar.

However, it appears unlikely that the deal will go through. The current HTC management is convinced that the company is highly undervalued and believes that by pushing out better, more handsets, it can pull through the temporary down-time. It must be admitted that the company’s top-end smartphones are indeed impressive, yet their sales have not registered significantly.

Reports have it that Lenovo also plans to acquire BlackBerry and Nokia, two smartphone vendors which have fallen from their days of glory and are in a permanent slump right now.

Source: Bloomberg

Courtesy: BGR

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