Paying $100 Yearly Gas Tax On EV Is Unfair, Washington Should Remove It

Washington has been facing a lot of criticism both internal and external about the bills it has been passing and trying to pass. Just last month, a bill that will charge electric car owners $100 per year was passed by the Washington State Senate in the hope that it will compensate for not paying gas taxes according to CNET. It is similar to finding ways of taxing on those commodities that one does not possess or use in any way or form. In fact, this passed bill is beyond ridiculous, it is cruel to say the least. Its basic logical is faulty and does not make any sense.

Imagine being extra taxed for electricity charges because you don’t happen to have enough time to use much electricity at your home despite having all the electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. The government would argue that you at least have them, so you should be taxed. In this case, the reason electricity cars are being modeled as cars of the future is because not just that they are environmentally safe, but also because they save a lot of money for a person who owns it and for the government to go on an alternative energy resource rather than spending on oil and petroleum whose prices are going up by the day.

Now that Washington has come up with its brilliant plan of taxing the electric car owners for gas, it is simply absurd. Why else would a person turn to using an electric car if not also for the reason of getting economic benefit other than the environmental ones? But such good ethic approach is not understandable for Washington which can come up with more such obnoxious ways of getting taxes into its own pockets to fund more wars and to keep an eye on American citizens and their earnings.

In order to take some measure against this action by the government, GM Director of Government Affairs, Hal Lenox, had sent a letter to Washington Governor Chris Gregorie. Lenox basically outlined how the surtax will create a negative effect on sales of the electric cars. He has further asked the Washington Governor to remove the surtax and termed the bill as unfair. If the bill is signed into law, it will apply to all owners of electric vehicles. However, it does not include Chevrolet Volt which can also partly use gas to function.

Since electric cars are still a new thing, most people will not switch over to this new vehicular technology. May be it is yet another move by the American government to actually pull people off the whole environmental good deeds and good sense, so that it can get an excuse for getting more oil and entering more oil-rich parts of the world. Also the government will not gain much tax value from these since not many people own it yet and others would rather avoid from being unfairly taxed in this way. One hopes Washington gets more sense about it.


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  1. Ford Figo

    Hopefully this thing hasn’t started in India. But I am pretty sure, the trend of electric vehicles would soon be in the limelight, in the near future.

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