LG And Sony Signed A “Cross-Licensing Deal”

Sony and LG haven’t been on the best of terms lately with patent disputes serving as the major reason for conflict between the two companies and the dispute between the companies started late last year when Sony filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, requesting it ban the sale of LG phones in the U.S. The terms of the deal have no been disclosed, but the companies have dropped the lawsuits and apparently reached a cross-licensing deal that will enable them to keep producing their respective products,  the agreement expired three years ago and the companies were unable to come to terms on a new one……………….


LG Electronics and Sony have resolved patent disputes between the two firms spanning smartphones, TVs and Blu-ray technology with LG adding that they have signed a cross-licensing deal. “LG and Sony recently agreed to drop patent infringement lawsuits against each other,” a spokeswoman at South Korea’s LG Electronics said. Sony confirmed this, but declined to comment further. Sony and LG have been embroiled in a string of bitter lawsuits on a wide range of products in Europe and the United States since the two technology giants failed to renew a technology sharing agreement that expired three years ago. Sony had filed a complaint against LG with the U.S. International Trade Commission, seeking to block LG from shipping its Rumor Touch and several other smartphones to the United States. LG also told the commission that Sony‘s PlayStation 3 infringed its Blu-ray video technology. The patent spat culminated in the seizure of PlayStation 3 game consoles by customs officers in the Netherlands following a court injunction by LG in March.



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