Travel London To New York In Under An Hour Using Hypersonic SR-72 Plane

Travelling from New York to London, a journey of approximate 3471 miles (5586 kilometers) across the Atlantic Ocean, takes around seven and a half hours by plane. Earlier we have seen a hypersonic plane X-51A Waverider trying to have a test flight to cross the aforementioned distance within an hour, but unfortunately the plane crashed in the Pacific in the middle of the journey. However, now Lockheed Martin is developing such engines for SR-72 spy plane that will enable the plane reach New York from London in under an hour!

Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird

Engineers at Lockheed Martin in the U.S. have already revealed that they are developing the SR-72, a successor to the SR-71, the iconic Blackbird long-distance spy plane. Engineers are calling it Son of Blackbird.It is also called ‘warm structure’ as it will heat up rather than reflect the heat with the sort of ceramic tiles that covered the Space Shuttle. However, the engines that Lockheed Martin is developing now, will enable the SR-72 spy plane to circumnavigate the globe in six hours at an altitude of about 80000-foot.

The Son of Blackbird will come with extraordinary weapons of war. What’s more important about the plane is it’ ll be too fast to shoot down and too fast for moving military targets to avoid it. The SR-72 will go twice that speed, at up to 4,567 mph.

Many people believe that such travel would be a “great development for mankind.” On the other side, Lockheed Martin believe that such speedy plane would be developed 2030.

Source: Daily Mail

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