Microsoft Announces Universal Windows Apps With Cross-Platform Compatibility

Microsoft embarked upon a journey to unify its platforms some time ago. The company is finally adding a key piece to the strategy, announcing universal Windows apps for all its platforms. The announcement came at the Build 2014 conference.

Universal Windows apps

The universal Windows apps will be able to run perfectly across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Xbox One. In trying to streamline all components of the apps across the many different platforms, Microsoft focused on five key areas. These include the User Interface, APIs, Tools, App Model and Store.

Microsoft’s CVP of Operating Systems Group, David Treadwell said that the company was well aware of the developers’ demand of a way of using the same code across different Microsoft platforms. With the universal Windows apps, Microsoft is finally making this possible.

Visual Studio emerges as a powerful tool in this scenario, enabling developers to keep track of a given app’s performance across all devices. If an app is returning an error, Visual Studio can be used to determine if the problem is occurring over a single platform or across multiple platforms. In other words, universal Windows apps can be diagnosed with ease with the help of Visual Studio.

Another great option for the developers is that Microsoft now allows them to sell the same app across multiple platforms. For instance, if a user buys a given app on his smartphone, he will be able to use it across all his Windows devices and machines without requiring any more purchases. This option will allow the developers to reach a greater audience with the same amount of effort.

Courtesy: TNW

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