Microsoft Buys Domain

You might find this piece of information odd, but apparently Microsoft just acquired the domain name after it expired and become available for public bidding. Fusible made the discovery and announced that the domain currently forwards to Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It goes on to search for “skypesexfinder” and brings up results that might please somebody looking for internet fun.

For exemple “meet girls who are interested in cybering”. Pretty enticing, Microsoft! It’s not entirely clear, why Microsoft chose to acquire such a domain, but if you’re hoping to arrange a get together with singles interested in adult activities, you might be sadly mistaken. Microsoft is known to have fought fierce battles for a trinity of Kinect domains, earlier these year. They also register domains such as, Microsoft-sony and The motive seems to have been maintenance of trademark and defense against domain holds.

Microsoft acquired Skype at the bargain price of $8.5 billion in a deal it closed in October. The decision was motivated by the fact that Skype was a software used and loved greatly by hundred of millions of people all around the world.

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