Microsoft Store Is A Success, Welcomed More Than 15 Million Customers So Far

When Microsoft launched its own retail stores, much like Apple Store locations, many lambasted the company for ripping the idea off of Apple. However, Microsoft’s stores have been a success and the company has revealed that so far, its retail localities have been visited by more than 15 million people.

Microsoft Store

In a recent press release which speaks about the Microsoft retail stores in detail, the General Manager of Communications Strategy, Jonathan Adashek said, “We’ve welcomed more than 15 million customers and counting so far, and have learned a lot from them. Having this direct connection to our customers has really helped us better understand their tech needs.”

Naturally, 15 million is a very substantial number and it alone shows how Microsoft retail stores have gained significant traction ever since their launch. However, we can’t compare this figure with other retail rivals such as Apple because we don’t really know the numbers for the rivals. Added to this, we are not sure what a ‘visit’ consists of, either. For instance, a person visiting twice or thrice may have been counted as three visits by the company.

However, what has become obvious in recent days is that customers are indeed flocking to Microsoft’s stores to get their hands on Surface tablets and to learn about Windows 8. Both these factors are pulling more and more customers each day and if the trend continues, Microsoft’s retail locations may become a significant revenue stream for the company.

Source: Microsoft
Courtesy: TNW

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