Another New Record By Apple: Apple Stock Price Reaches $500

Apple has perhaps one of the most turbulent history of all the tech companies. It rose to stardom, then declined down to near-nothing and have yet again risen to ever-greater heights. Right now, Apple has steadily surpassed nearly all rival tech companies in terms of sales volume, profits and overall revenue. Wall Street has been speculative about Apple but apparently, this new bit of news should placate them: Apple’s stock price has hit $500, setting a new record.

Apple’s stock has risen well over 4,000% over the last one decade! And by about 40% over the last one year alone! A lot of investors were very anticipative when Steve Jobs passes away. The release of iPhone 4S was also a shock for many. Everyone was expecting an iPhone 5 and when iPhone 4S was released, investors feared that the stock may dip in the market. On the contrary, iPhone 4S bolstered Apple’s growth even further, taking it’s sales and profits to all new heights.

To put it rather simply, you can gauge the overall value of Apple by this simple fact: right now, Apple is worth more than both Microsoft and Google combined! And that is a huge, huge sum.Apple has $100 billion in cash on hand and it’s overall valuation has reached $465 billion. This figure puts Apple even ahead of ExxonMobil which had formerly been called the most valuable company in the world. Apple, with it’s record-smashing performance, has now earned this crown too.

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