Recently Recovered Time Capsule Contains Steve Jobs’ Computer Mouse

When the 1983 Aspen International Design Conference was convened, its organizers decided to bury certain artifacts from the era in a time capsule. The time capsule has been recovered now and it contains one of Steve Jobs’ Lisa computer mouse.

Steve Jobs' mouse

This time capsule has a fairly interesting story of its own. It was called ‘Aspen Time Tube‘ and it was buried away in 1983 so that it could later be dug out at the turn of the century. The intent was to mark the contrast between the design philosophy of the days gone by with the new trends.

However, when the turn of the century came, so much landscaping had occurred in the area that no one was able to correctly identify the exact location of the time capsule. As a result, it remained buried for another 14 years. Last September, the 13-foot steel tube was finally located and recovered.

When opened, it was found to contain a number of some very intriguing items. Among these is a mouse that Steve Jobs actually used with his Lisa computer back in 1983. While Jobs was still a tech visionary and a prominent figure in the tech industry back then, he wasn’t nearly as famous and well-known as he is today.

Naturally, the find has piqued the interest of the tech industry at large. The whole episode of the time capsule will be featured on the upcoming season premiere of Diggers on Feb 25. So if you wish to know more about the contents of this capsule, be sure to catch the episode.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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