Mozilla Reached 40 Million People To Sign For Anti SOPA Movement

Lately, the US controversial anti online piracy legislation took social activism on new realms. And also gave it the tools of the digital era. All the major players that have huge impact on Internet, including Google, Wikipedia, Craiglist, but also blogs and modest websites all over the Internet, joined the protests and displayed messages to the users inviting them to write to their congressional representatives in order to urge them to vote against SOPA/PIPA.

Mozilla joined this unprecedented activism that fired up online space and redirected to a designated webpage all the users who entered the Firefox homepage (which was on January 18th completely black as other websites joining the Internet blackout form of protest) . As consequence, 30 million people were able to see Mozilla’s messages from the anti SOPA/PIPA action page.

As Alex Fowler explained on The Mozilla Blog “all these steps were aimed at informing and mobilizing millions of people on the poorly drafted anti-piracy legislation–SOPA and PIPA–pending in Congress.”

In addition, Mozilla posted more than 9 million messages with the same purpose of informing its users about the dangers of the two bills on Facebook, Twitter and in Firefox + You newsletter. Tens of thousands of people retweeted Mozilla’s messages and among them , MC Hammer wrote on his Tweeter account “Firefox !!!! Standing Strong against #SOPA Love4thePeople.”

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