Gbatteries Finds A Way To Improve Existing Batteries, Unveils BatteryBox

A number of companies are currently engaged in a search to find alternates to lithium-ion batteries. Gbatteries has taken a different approach, finding a way of significantly improving the performance of existing lithium-ion batteries.


Gbatteries has created BatteryOS, a new technology that is able to directly control and improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they degrade over time, losing battery life gradually. Many of us have experienced this when the battery lives of our laptops trim down over the years.

BatteryOS tackles this so that a given lithium-ion battery is able to store 10% to 40% more power while at the same time, the cycle count of the battery is bumped up by 4x. In simpler words, with BatteryOS, the battery wouldn’t degrade over the years.

As an apt demonstration of the prowess of this new technology, the startup has unveiled BatteryBox. It is more of a proof-of-concept rather than a product meant to make profit. BatteryBox is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can be used to juice up many different machines and devices.

You can, for instance, charge a MacBook Air for 12 hours, a MacBook Pro for 6 hours or some eight iPhone handsets using the battery pack after a single recharge. It comes with a MagSafe2 cord which lets you hook it up with a current MacBook or MacBook Air. Moreover, you can connect it to a whole range of other devices using USB.

To charge BatteryBox, you have to connect it with an external power source using MicroUSB. The nifty battery pack charges to 80% in 4.5 hours. To charge it to a full 100%, it needs 9 hours of charging. Gbatteries claims that BatteryBox makes use of the BatteryOS, so that the capacity of this pack will remain nearly the same even after 5 years.

To check out this revolutionary battery technology, you can pre-order BatteryBox.

Source: Gbatteries/BatteryBox

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