MWC 2012: Nvidia Teases Us With Impressive Tegra 3 Specifications in Fujitsu Prototype

The Japanese company is preparing to attack the phone market with the future launch of a new quad-core phone.This will be their opportunity to extend their mobile department to Europe and North America. And they’ll do this with their latest quad-core phone, one that has just appeared ready for a demonstration down at MWC as a prototype. We had the chance to see it in action.

The guys down at Fujitsu saw in MWC the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their rough image of their latest development, one that is expected to be launch sometime in Q4 this year. This will be a new move for the Japanese giant, as it will be the first time when they will launch a mobile phone somewhere else than Japan. After Fujitsu have showed the phone behind glass at CES, now everyone can have a first-hand look at the prototype.

The hardware looks like its a little loose put together, but considering the fact that this is only a rough version of the final product, we can expect good things from the media giant. For now it has physical buttons below the display, ones that are specific to the Japanese market, we should probably expect the Europe and North America versions to have other designs, maybe full touch-screen, who knows.

Some specs of the phone seem to include an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, a 4.6’’ HD display, 13.1MP rear-camera, all running on Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich OS. Another feature is the proximity sensor on the back, one that will turn off the display when you set the phone down so it could save battery.

Even though this prototype is a rough version, Fujitsu worth out time. So we should keep checking them out as they continue to develop this quad-core phone in their race to extend beyond Japan.

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