Apple Acquires Speech Recognition Company Novauris Technologies

Major acquisitions in the tech industry are becoming increasingly common. This time, reports have it that Apple has acquired the speech recognition company Novauris Technologies.

Apple Siri

It is interesting to note that the acquisition of Novauris Technologies by Apple apparently took place last year. Apple was successful in keeping it under the wraps. Meanwhile, the Novauris team has been working on improving Apple’s voice-based personal assistant Siri.

What makes this deal quite significant is that the founders of Novauris Technologies were globally acclaimed speech researchers and the company has pushed the boundaries of speech recognition since its inception back in 2002.

Novauris is unique in the speech recognition arena because it has its own core engine. Not only that, the company reaches out to both the embedded space and the server space, making it somewhat of an all-rounder. It was founded by John Bridle and Melvyn Hunt. It is to be noted here that both of them have a previous career of working on speech-related services.

However, the company has dished out such apps in the past which are able to process and understand speech on a handset directly, without requiring any server-side support. Such a feature can be critically helpful in improving speech-based personal assistants in the coming days.

The acquisition of Novauris Technologies took place in 2013. Apple has confirmed this, further stating that ‘Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.’

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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