NASA Gave Jet Fuel On Discount To Google, Finally Admitted

Many executives of Google use private jet for their transport, no matter whether it is related to personal or official work. No need to mention that every jet needs jet fuel to fly. The buzzing news is – lately space agency NASA has admitted that it has sold jet fuel on discount to Google.


Last year in December, NASA officially confirmed that it had been giving Google Inc. executives a price break on fuel for private jets. Here you should note that Google executive Larry PageSergey Brin and Eric Schmidt use their own private. That means, in simple words, NASA had been giving get fuel on discount to these 3 people.

The jets are not owned or operated by Google. Instead, the 3 Google leaders operate the fleet through an LLC called H211. In addition, these Google executives have special permission from NASA to park their jets at Moffett Federal Airfield near Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Over the five years, the H2-11 private jets have saved in between $3.3 million to $5.3 million in terms of actual fuel cost. What you need to know that the discount was subsidized by taxpayers.

Seth Statler, the associate administrator for legislative and intergovernmental affairs of NASA said, NASA has “reviewed its pricing approach” and “is now charging a market rate for aviation fuel.”

NASA used to give H2-11 discounted fuel in exchange for free flights for NASA research, but the same rate was given for fuel used to fly Google executives to Los Angeles, New York and vacation destinations like Hawaii and Tahiti.

Source: International Business Times

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