Need a Domain Name Suggestion? PickyDomains is Ready With 46,000 Contributor

Do you need a Brand domain Name? Slogan For Business? But don’t want to spend big money and want to be safe? is ready with 46,000+ contributor and charge only $50 USD, but if you don’t like the suggestion or not happy you dont have to pay anything. Read the details about biggest crowdsourcing naming service below.

PickyDomains is a risk-free crowdsourcing naming service. Currently, has over 46000 registered contributors (folks, who submit suggestions) and 1700 clients (people who place orders). The examples of domains created by the service include, NadaPay.Com, and Geomium.Com (more examples can be seen here – Clients may choose if they want to display results or not.

You Need Domain Name? Then How PickyDomains Helps?
If you can’t come up with domain, name or slogan on your own, you deposit $50 and create your order. You then start receiving suggestions and decide which one you want to use. The person who made the winning suggestion gets part of the fee. If you decide that no suggestions meet your needs, you simply get your money back. Currently PickyDomains have 1400+ clients.

You have Idea? Become Contributor Earn Up to 60%

Contributor payments work as follows. Anyone can register, if English is their native language and they are able to receive payment’s via PayPal. Each contributor is assigned rank 1 through 5, 1 being highest. Newbie copywriters start at rank 5 and get 40% for each completed order ($20 for domain name). Top ranking copywriters get 60% of the fee ($30 for domain name).
Premium orders are available. These cost $100 and are limited to best contributors. They payout for these is $60.

They have already named 1500+ domains, they came up with – DiskScout.Com, Xutta.Com,, GymGenius.Com, Simplytics.Com, Coderria.Com, Nogeno.Com, etc. They got thumbs up from John Dvorak, he said “Just from the few names that’s you’ve dreamed up I can see your problem. You are too friggin cheap to be taken seriously. A couple of your names if sold by a consulting firm would have fetched $10,000 plus…and I’m not kidding.”

They also have offer for Blogger. will work for free with blog owners (as long as your blog is real and has traffic). Simply mention PickyDomains in one of your blog posts and send them a URL of your post. You can take us up on this offer only once.

Thats an nice idea, and they have already everything packed up. Anybody in need of new brand domain or slogan would know the cost of expert help, this is almost free considering others, where others only have 1 expert suggestion and charge Mid $XXX to $XX,XXX USD for brand domain name. You could test the service to see if it also helped you. Let us know your experience in comment below.

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