YouTube Gearing Up To Open A Production Studio In New York

In an attempt to prop up efforts towards producing original content, YouTube has now announced that it will be opening up a production studio in New York. This will be the fourth studio of its kind, opened by the video-sharing site in an attempt to provide certain content-creators with just the right place to create content at.

YouTube Space

The New York studio will be opened up in October this year and will encompass an area of 20,000 to 25,000 square feet. In the past, YouTube has opened up similar studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo and London. The chief aim of such facilities is to allow such content-creators who are in direct partnership with YouTube to come and record their videos in a dedicate facility.

According to the manager of production and programming for YouTube Space in LA, Kathleen Grace, “We want to invest in partners who built channels on the platform.┬áIt’s part-hippy commune, incubator and studio.”

The New York studio will be located in Chealsea Marketplace district. Not only will the place be used for content production, but it will also be put up for weekly workshops as well as events so that such videographers could be mentored who are interested in creating original content.

In the long run, these studios make a lot of sense for YouTube because they will allow the video-sharing site to churn out original content and improve the on-site engagement of its users.

Courtesy: CNET

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