Netflix, Finally in the UK, for Only 5.99 Pounds A Month

Good news European TV junkies. The popular online film and TV subscription service is coming your way, starting this week. For now we’re talking just about Great Britain and Ireland, so don’t get too emotional. The launch will be accompanied by a very high-profile advertising campaign meant to seize all available eyes and ears.

The launch is long due, as back in October 2011 Netflix announced that it would be bringing the service in the UK and Ireland. The company failed to specify a certain date back then as well, and at this particular moment we still don’t know when the service will be fully operational. Netflix has also been out hunting for deals with content providers such as MGM and BBC for several months now.

Netflix has been streaming in over 45 countries all over North and South America, and now is available on all territories. Now moving to Europe, Netflix might bump into some strong competition, especially in the UK where Amazon LoveFilm or digital video provider BBC iPlayer, already establish quite a fan base.

You can tell Netflix is pretty nervous about the launch by looking at the fairs. To subscribe users only have to pay £5.99 or €6.99, $9.24 or $8.88 respectively. Compare this to the $7.99, £5.17 or €6.28 applied back on US territory, for the streaming-only version. To help ensure that costumers get interested, the first month is available as a free trial for new users in the two countries mentioned above.

“Netflix is available now, and anyone can get a one month free trial: click-to-watch TV programmes and films streamed instantly over the Internet to your smart TV, game console, computer, tablet, or mobile device,” announced Neil Hunt, chief product officer at Netflix. It seems that even Yahoo! has expressed its will to buy Netflix recently.


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