Apple Could Sell More than 350 Million Products 8 Years from Now

After Apple’s accusations, Samsung had no intention of becoming Apple’s door mat and they had filed a trial against Apple for plagiarism. In other words, Samsung is accusing Apple of having copied an ancient Samsung terminal, which is a counteraction on the same basis.

In the claim, Samsung has presented some very interesting information regarding the amount of iDevices sold up until now. The company says that Apple sold 108 million iPhone terminals, 60 million iPod Touch devices and 19 million iPad  tablets by March 2011. This means 187 million iDevices sold in 4 years.

If we divide 187 million to 4 years, we have 46+ million Apple products being sold each year. If this amount of sells persists, this means that in 20 years Apple could sell 920 million products, almost 1 billion products. These are, indeed, amazing numbers.

Apples has never stated such numbers in regards to the total amount of iDevices sold, especially not about iPod Touch which has been included in the whole iPod line. This means that in 4 years, Apples has sold 187 million touchscreen terminals, the lowest price for such a terminal being about 200$.

I assume nobody from Apple is happy with recent revelation and, in my opinion, this is not a highly honourable move from Samsung. However, I am sure that certain interests are at stake and that everything’s fair in love and war.

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