Netflix To Introduce “Family Plans” for Multi-User Streaming Service

According to an investor FAQ document posted by Netflix, Netflix plans later this year to offer subscribers the ability to stream content to multiple devices simultaneously. It will allow friends and family members to stream video from the same account without having to share the same username and password. The new family plans would be similar to the service’s DVD business, where you could opt to stream to two or three accounts or devices at the same time for an incrementally higher price.

The evolution toward individual memberships will take time, and we are still thinking about how to best do it. One option would be to allow an account to add additional concurrent streams (using the analogy of our DVD business, it would be like choosing a higher-priced plan that allows a subscriber to have more DVDs at home). Our $7.99-per-month plan is for one stream at a time, and later this year we expect to be able to offer consumers some account options to watch multiple simultaneous streams. Or it could be that there is a price point that would encourage multiple accounts in one household.

Currently, if you have the streaming-only plan, you can only stream one movie at a time.

Users with mixed media packages can stream different movies concurrently, but with limitations.

For example, using the 1-DVD and streaming package, users can stream movies from two devices at the same time.


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