Nokia Files A Patent For Folding Batteries

There are many companies at present, who are planning to invent folding batteries. In the mean time, mobile maker Nokia has patented a file for folding batteries.

Patent Files For Folding Batteries

According to the report of Daily Mail, Nokia originally filed the patent for folding batteries in March of this year. The design is intended to resolve the battery issues of wearable devices such as smartwatches. The patent suggest that the alleged Nokia ‘Battery Pack‘ would be modified depending on device’s size. On the other side, needless to say that in order for a flexible mobile device to work, not only does the phone itself need to be flexible, but the internal components need to be flexible as well.

Nokia Foldable Battery

The report also speculates that Nokia’s patent filing could lead to phones with super-thin profile or which are collapsible. The patent listing also reveals few images of the potential ‘Battery Pack’ prototype that can be seen housing a number of batteries on strip.

The report quotes Nokia’s patent filing, “Portable electronic devices are made with consistently smaller form factors. Even though the internal components are becoming smaller and smaller, batteries generally lag behind other technological advancements, consistently consuming a large portion of the portable electronic device.”

However, Nokia’s alleged ‘Battery Pack’ foldable battery may be far from being reality, it certainly does suggest the trend of wearable technology is being taken seriously. In addition, the applications for foldable batteries could easily expand beyond smartwatches. What other scenarios do you envision as being useful for such technology? Share your thought with us in the comments box below.

Source: European Patent Office
Thanks To: Daily Mail

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