Besides Verizon, NSA Also Gets Phone Records Of AT&T, Sprint And Others

We reported that NSA was tapping into Verizon’s customer records. But NSA tapping Verizon’s customer records is only a very small portion of the greater picture. It has now been discovered that NSA has also been tapping into the records of other ISPs such as AT&T and Sprint.

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It is quite understandable that if NSA wanted to keep tabs on the phone calls being made from within U.S. and from another country to U.S., the agency would want to keep an eye on all major ISPs.

In an article published by Wall Street Journal, certain inside sources have now divulged that NSA has been tapping into the phone records of not only Verizon, but also other ISPs such as AT&T and Sprint. In fact, the reports goes on to claim that NSA is also accessing the credit card purchase info of the customers of these ISPs.

This, and other revelations made about NSA’s ‘PRISM’ program, are fairly horrifying. The revelations hint that the U.S. state agencies want complete freedom from constitutional bounds to pursue what they consider their vision for security measures. In doing so, they have already violated many privacy rights and intend to continue doing so, unabated.

The worst part is that the Congress seems well in cahoots with the security agencies in this whole issue. Whereas Congress has often served lip-service on this issue, it has always voted in favor of more and more draconian security measures each year.

Source: WSJ
Courtesy: Engadget

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