PayPal Mistakenly Informs Users About Winning 500 Euros Lottery

Recently some PayPal users in Germany have mentioned that they received emails from PayPal stating that they’ve won 500 euros and to retrieve that reward, they just need to log in into their PayPal account. As soon as they logged in into their account, they found there is “no cash” as the email was “sent due to a technical error.”

Fake Email About Winning 500 Euros From PayPal

Those PayPal users said they had received an email from Paypal as following: “Congratulations, you are one of the lucky winners! Look at the same time in your PayPal account after, because there we have you credited the 500 euros. You can redeem your earnings immediately. By the way, we still have many more great ideas to make your summer even better.”

After reading the email, many users rushed to their PayPal accounts, believing that the email was true, but unfortunately they found no money for them. As soon as PayPal came to know this, it instantly said via its Facebook page that the email was “sent due to a technical error” and “for this we apologize.” PayPal also stated that “the draw has not yet taken place” and as soon as it finds “eligible customers,” the company would notify the winners “in a separate e-mail.”

Source: PayPal Deutschland (Facebook)
Thanks To: The Next Web

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