Apple, Google Lost American Love, Says YouGov BrandIndex

Market research by YouGov reveals that Apple and Google have fallen of the shelf from top 10 U.S. brands. None of the companies have been able to secure a place in YouGov BrandIndex’s top 10 spots.

YouGov BrandIndex

In YouGov BrandIndex 2013 (mid-year) none of Apple or Google could secure a placein the top 10 brands. Apple was absent in BrandIndex 2012(final), and Google was in the last place. After 6 months, Apple still maintains the earlier trend and Google has been pushed out of the list.

However, this trend doesn’t mean that tech companies have lost their coolness. Amazon has secured two spots in the list – one for its original brand (#2 spot) and another for its Kindle e-reader (#9 spot). On the 8th spot is YouTube, a Google owned brand, which has been proved to be the top brand for LGBT consumers.

Many people are asking why Apple and Google have fallen? The points that came out are negative media attention over NSA PRISM leaks, failure to retain the coolness, privacy concerns etc.

Because of all the above reasons, Apple and Google has done poorly in the surveys done by YouGov. The process of calculating a brand’s position involves quantifying consumer perceptions about a brand based on whether they’ve heard anything good or bad about it over the last two weeks. These responses are then combined to calculate a numerical score from -100 to +100, which signifies a brand’s position.

Source: YouGov

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