Proview Accuses Apple Of Infringing iPad Trademark, Demands $1.5 Billion

Apparently with so much money rolling into Apple’s pockets, the number of contenders has also increased at the same rate. Proview has long been after Apple claiming that the iPad trademark that has been used by Apple is actually owned by Proview and that Apple is illegally using it. Proview registered the iPad trademark in 2000 whereas Apple launched iPad in 2010. Apple has already been denied the right to use the term ‘iPad’ in China but Apple has now appealed against the decision.

Currently, Beijing authorities are investigating into the matter and it is highly likely that Apple may end paying a heavy fine. Proview has also slapped a number of lawsuits against Apple retailers in the country. The authorities have declined to comment on the possibility of a fine and are currently stating that investigation are still under way.

Apple’s stand on this entire issue is that it has the legal rights to use iPad trademark. According to Apple, a Proview subsidiary in Taiwan sold the copyrights of iPad trademark to a UK firm. And that Apple had purchased these rights from the UK firm and so, it has the legal right to use the term.

Earlier, one of the court had barred Apple from using the term iPad. Apple then went on to file an appeal with┬áthe Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province on January 5. Earlier, the Intermediate Court had refused to allow Apple to use the trademark. And this, quite probably, may be the final turn of the events where it will finally be established that whether or not Apple has the rights to use the term ‘iPad’ legally.

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