Samsung Gets Trolled By LG At Times Square

Samsung is gearing up for the much-anticipated launch event of Galaxy S IV. The company had also been hinting that it will also register a presence at Times Square while the launch event takes place – probably a marketing stunt. But in this, Samsung has been trolled with LG who has refashioned its Times Square billboards with witty, new ads.

Times Square

Over the last few days, we have seen Samsung liberally use the number ‘4’ in its ads about Galaxy S IV. Naturally, that is only obvious and there’s nothing strange about it.

However, LG has put a different spin on ‘4’ and added it to its Times Square billboards, positioned right above Samsung’s billboard. The billboards featuring LG’s ads now read ‘LG Optimus G is here 4 you no!’, with the ‘4’ part being highlighted for special visual appeal.

Naturally, LG is trolling Samsung and using the occasion when a lot of press will be present at Times Square to register its own presence. It’s a clever and witty move but there’s rarely a chance that it will score a lot of points for LG. That is because although Optimus G is a fairly impressive handset, it is still not in league with the top smartphones that are currently available in the market.

Source: Korea Newswire

Courtesy: Engadget

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