Samsung Ran The Most Effective Ad During Oscars

Over time, Oscar awards ceremony has come to hold key importance, not only for the international cinema but also for tech companies who compete against each other to run the most-effective ad during the Oscars. Ace Matrix is a firm that gauges the ‘scores’ of different ads run through the Oscars on the basis of “relevance, persuasion, watchability, information and attention.” This year, according to the ‘Ace Score’, Samsung beat all its contemporaries and ran the top ad during the prestigious awards.

Samsung launched not one but two excellent ads, both of which made it to the top. One was Samsung’s ad about Galaxy Note and the other was about Samsung’s Smart TV line. Unlike what most would have expected, Apple didn’t secure a spot among the top three ads. The third spot was grabbed by Google for an ad about Google+.

Apple did make it to the top ten lists, however, other well-known brands in this top ten list included Spring, AT&T, JC Penney and Subway sandwiches. Remarking on the occasion of the awards and of the relevance of these ads, Ace Matrix’s CEO said, “It seems the Oscars are becoming a showcase for tech and telecom advertising. The battle between AT&T and Sprint was clearly being played out during Oscar commercial breaks, and Samsung’s bold, and very effective moves in promoting its Galaxy Note and its new SmartTV paid off.”

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