SanDisk Skips On The New XQD memory

Apparently, SanDisk officials decided that the high end memory card for sophisticated cameras is not going to be a product worth considering. As SanDisk spokeswoman Wendy Vlieks stated clearly for CNet recently, “at this time, SanDisk has chosen not to productize the XQD format.”

On the other hand, Lexar other top player on this market decared in more diplomatic manner a similar strategy. In the words of Manisha Sharma, Lexar’s director of product marketing, Lexar will watch closely the market trends when it comes to XQD, the product developed by the Compact Flash Association,. “As a leading CFA member, Lexar has been evaluating this technology, and will continue to do so as the market develops to determine if we will offer XQD cards in the future,” she declared. Under the circumstances, Sony will remain the only supplier for XQD cards.

The situation is rather odd, considering that SanDisk was the company very much involved in creating the XQD standard. As one of the company officials pointed out, SanDisk was responsible for many standards in the industry and delivered many options for the users.


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