Starbucks Locations In Boston To Offer Wireless Charging Pads

Starbucks has always aided at ‘recharging’ a person’s state of mind. Soon enough, it will literally begin offering recharge stations at its stores in Boston for smartphones. The famous coffee chain, along with AT&T and Google, has just announced a partnership with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), an organization that promotes setting a global standard for charging electronic handsets over the air.

Starbucks Wireless Charging

Starbucks noted in a press statement that they are pleased to jump on-board with the PMA to provide a “green” charging solution at their store locations.“We are always looking for ways to help our customers recharge, both literally and figuratively,” said chief digital officer, Adam Brotman, of Starbucks.

Starbucks plans to add wireless charging stations to seventeen Starbucks locations in the Boston area. According to, the charging stations the company plans to use are Duracell’s Powermats. Around eight Powermats will be installed into the tabletops of each store to start off. The only downfall — you must have a Duracell charging case to power your smartphone. Starbucks will provide free loaner that must be returned, or you can bring your own.

The new move will help boost the sales of Google’s freshly released Nexus 4 smartphone that packs wireless charging option. We may see other major retailers embrace the technology soon.

Source: PCMag

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