U.S. Postal Service Will Release Steve Jobs Stamp Next Year

Every year, U.S. Postal Service comes up with a range of topics and subjects which should be used in stamps. According to leaked documents, this time Steve Jobs has been approved among the finalized subjects. We can expect a Jobs stamp in 2015.

Steve Jobs stamp

The aim of this process is to finalize such topics which will yield popular stamps and attract the attention of avid stamp collectors. With the service barely able to make the two ends meet any more, it is understandable that it has to sensationalize its stamps a bit to attract the crowd.

But the Postal Service has also taken certain liberties with stamps. For instance, it had been a practice until now that only Americans are depicted on stamps. But now, publishing a John Lennon stamp is being considered by the service. This may be meant to entice the younger folks. And to that end, the U.S. Postal Service is also planning to release a collectible Steve Jobs stamp next year.

The Jobs stamp has already been approved for design development and is currently being developed. Printing a Jobs stamps falls within the Postal Service’s aim to include traditional, historical, cultural and literary figures on its figures. As the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, and the visionary who came up with the wildly popular products such as iPhone and iPad, Jobs is a towering figure in the realm of technology. And the tech industry has come to form a cult of sorts around his ideas, ideals and products as a tribute to his genius. In that context, it is apt to ascribe cultural significance to his personality.

Source: Washington Post

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