T-Mobile Bringing Together A March 26 Event For Important Announcements

T-Mobile is fast becoming a part of the nation’s collective wireless conscience as the company gears up with cheeky ads and great moves to render itself less ‘wireless carrier like.’ The company is now bringing together a March 26 event in New York where it is expected to make some important announcements.


Currently, T-Mobile is far from being the top U.S. national wireless carrier, standing at the 4th position. However, the company is catching up fast. It is in the process of laying down all the necessary infrastructure for LTE network and is expected to launch it before this year concludes.

The company is also in the process of finalizing a merger with MetroPCS. The deal recently got the nod from FCC and other regulatory authorities and the merger is soon expected to be sealed.

The most significant thing about T-Mobile is that the company is trying to position itself as the ‘un-carrier.’ In other words, T-Mobile wants to differentiate itself from the likes of AT&T. In doing so, the carrier is trying to break free of the conventional practices observed by other carriers. All this is meant to let the customers know that T-Mobile wants to be customer-friendly and provide better rates and services than the rivals.

This is reflected in the event invitation that T-Mobile has rolled out. The invitation reads, “We’re still a wireless company. We’re just not going to act like one anymore.”

Courtesy: All Things D

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