Twitter Data For Sale: “Gnip” – The First To Be Selling Historical Tweets

People can’t imagine their world today, without social media being present in it. Who’s going to this event? Has my friend posted pictures of the party from last night? I should comment on that interesting status my crush displayed today. But have you ever wondered where do these things go when they “expire”, when they are not new anymore? Well, it turns out everything in your Twitter timeline, lets say, gets conserved and archived.

Maybe a time will come when you will be wanting those long forgotten logs to be part of your life again. They will be like a wonderful journal you find admits dusty furniture in the attic after a lot of years. Now – truthfully speaking, you can actually do that if you have a Twitter account. Logs older than seven days will be available to the public, Gnip has announced. The company and Twitter joined forces in order to revive data going back thirty days in past. The idea came after Gnip started working on a project to get tweets into the U.S. Library of Congress, which escalated into concerns about how to handle online information.

Big companies Klout, Alterian and Simply Measured, rely on Gnip to get they share of data, especially from Twitter. COO Chris Moody stated:

“This was an extremely high priority for our customers, the people that we work with see this data as the absolute lifeblood for the services that they provide.”

Gnip seems to have solved a real problem for its costumers. Since the future can not be predicted, it is impossible to filter the real-time stream to capture every Tweet you need. But now with a 30-Day replay from Twitter, users can replay the history any time they want and where they want. This not only makes Gnip users happy but unburdens Twitter since historical tweets are number one in the top of most requested information by businesses. By being able to let Gnip handle this part, Twitter can focus on other issues and improve efficiency where it is concerned.

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