UK Apple Stores Removes Products

Apple taken the stance of removing Apple gear from their stores and Apple has removed all their products from display after closing for the day, no doubt in an attempt to put temptation out of the sight of rioters. It appears that the riots are spreading across the United Kingdom and some have said that the army should be called in to bring order to the streets. Liverpool itself has not yet endured reports of violence there and the management of its Apple store appears to be taking no chances…………….


The Apple Store Liverpool ONE has emptied its front-of-house of all products ahead of possible rioting in Liverpool, UK as the country faces its fourth night of unrest and Twitter user Terry Allen shot a couple of images of the Liverpool ONE Apple Store which had emptied its shelvs of inventory and moved them upstairs to prevent looting. In addition, the Regent Street store in London is being guarded by police and the Canterbury, Kent store is also empty.

The store, which normally looks something like the image below, is located on the ground floor of the Liverpool One Shopping Centre, which is on Paradise Street in Liverpool.

In addition, the Apple Store on Regent St. is being guarded by police fearing looters.

Not taking any chances, this Canterbury, Kent Apple reseller has also cleared its shelves of inventory.

Twitter user PB mentions that the Manchester Arndale store has also been emptied out in preparation for possible looting.

Twitter user Manpreet Mellhi posts this image of a note taped in a store window attempting to prevent breakins:

Macrumors have unconfirmed reports that Apple Store Meadowhall in Sheffield and Apple Store Cabot Circus in Bristol have been cleared of stock as well. BBC News interviewed a shaken-sounding Glen Barkworth, general manager of the Arndale Centre in Manchester who confirmed that rioters have breached the facility. The BBC also interviewed Tim Whalley, general manager of the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, home to Apple Store Bullring. He said that two entrances at the facility had been smashed, but no looters were in the centre. He said Bullring had hired four dog handlers with four large dogs and that had helped keep rioters at bay. Last night, Metropolitan Police were out in force in Oxford Circus and Regent Street, including parked in front of the flagship Apple Store there. The vans weren’t specifically protecting the Apple Store, but it is a significant business and commercial area.


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