Virginia Atlantic Will Now Use Google Glass For Rich Customers

The glaring disparity between in-travel experience of different airline classes is already a fairly controversial debate. Virginia Atlantic now aims to add some sauce to it by using Google Glass in its Upper Class Wing during a six-week pilot program.

Virginia Atlantic

The aim here to ‘restore’ the exclusivity of the richer passengers by offering them something unique. Naturally, what better to offer than to have a waitress look at them through an expensive, and fairly rare, piece of wearable tech that Google hasn’t rolled out for the public yet.

In fact, this nifty piece of hardware will be paired with Sony‘s Smartwatch 2. During the six-week pilot program, Virginia Atlantic waitresses in the Upper Class Wing will welcome the customers wielding Google Glass. As soon as these customers enter the Wing, the waitresses will greet them with their names, which will be quietly pushed to their wearable tech.

We do hope that the ‘exclusive’ experience offered by this wearable tech will go beyond the mere use of getting customer names on the go, or it would be somewhat of a shame for something like Glass to be put to such a use.

The airline, however, seems fairly optimistic about the whole thing. According to the official press release, “From the minute Upper Class passengers step out of their chauffeured limousine at Heathrow’s T3 and are greeted by name, Virgin Atlantic staff wearing the technology will start the check-in process. At the same time, staff will be able to update passengers on their latest flight information, weather and local events at their destination and translate any foreign language information.”

One could argue that a customer, any customer, can easily do that in this digital era by reaching into his or her pocket and bringing out what we today know as a smartphone but then, if you are paying for it, that does make it ‘premium.’

Source: Virginia Atlantic

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