Google Brings Voice Commands To Chromebooks

Google has recently focused on enabling voice-based search and other functionality on mobile devices. Now, the company is apparently preparing a similar funtionality for Chromebooks. The latest Chrome OS developer release comes with the ability to make a few rudimentary voice commands.

Ok Google on Chromebook

Google has embarked upon the voice-based functionality galore with its recent Google Now app. The app brings extensive voice commands to Android handsets as well as to the iOS devices which install the app.

The search giant is now looking to expand the scope of such voice-based functionality to Chromebooks. This has been revealed by the Chromium expert, Francois Beaufort. According to him, the latest Chrome OS release on the Dev Channel lets you say ‘Ok Google’ once you pull up the App Launcher and then you can say out your search query.

This is, of course, just the start of voice commands on Chromebooks. Given the fact that Google Now offers fairly complex and human-language queries on mobile devices, we can expect a similarly sophisticated voice-based navigation on Chromebooks in the coming days.

Given Google’s heavy involvement with the Chromium project, we can expect even more advanced and well-developed voice commands on Chrome machines.

Source: Francois Beaufort

Courtesy: The Verge

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