What Apple’s Billions Can Accomplish: An Infographic

Apple is one of the most profitable, most valuable and most rapidly progressing companies around the world. It is bringing back huge profits year after year ever since Steve Jobs brought the ‘i’ revolution. We now know that Apple’s total reserves stand at $400 billion right now and this is only rapidly increasing. So what can $400 billion do? For a start, this amount of money can pay the total debt of eight European countries. If converted into dollar bills and spread across US, these notes alone would cover 42% of US. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO ranked in about $378 million last year, which now makes him the highest-paid CEO.

In only the last quarter of 2011, Apple was able to draw a huge profit of $13.6 billion, putting it at the lead in the tech world. Apple can accomplish a lot of things with the huge stash of cash it has. Nearly two-thirds of the total revenue is off-shore while $97.7 billion is in cash reserves.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the whole, wide world. Yet, Apple’s profits in the final quarter of 2011 were about four times that of Walmart’s. And the even more interesting fact is that this, while Apple’s operations costed three times less than what Walmart spent on it’s operations. This also makes Apple one of the most cost-effectively operating companies.

Have a peek below at the detailed infographic about Apple’s $400 billion:

Image courtesy MBA Online.

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