Apple Released New Renderings Of Spaceship Campus With Details

It’s nothing new that Apple is building a spaceship campus which will be built in Cupertino and totally runs on solar power. Although, Apple’s presentation has already revealed much details of spaceship campus, lately, Apple has revealed some new renderings of its spaceship campus, providing a closer look at the environment inside the main building and showing off some details that have not been seen before.

Apple Spaceship campus

The interior of the main building is equipped with light-colored stone.

Light Colored Stone On The Wall

There is a three-level cafeteria which is built with massive steel columns and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are sports tables and benches.


The outdoor dining area is outfitted with cedar or redwood furniture.

Outdoor Dining Of Apple Spaceship Campus

The Corporate Transit Center, where employees who commute on Apple’s private bus fleet will arrive and depart, is set on the first subterranean floor of the main building. There are rows of benches for workers awaiting the next bus.

Corporate Transit Center

The exterior features large, stark white staircases leading up to the ground floor.

Exterior Of Corporate Transit Center

The entrance to the underground road network is the most stunning addition to this set of renderings. It has fully embraced the ‘spaceship’ spirit of the new facility.

Entrance To Corporate Transit Center

There are several outbuildings including a visitor center and an underground auditorium. The roofs are floated on 360-degree walls of glass.

Outbuilding - 1

The corporate fitness center is also equipped with glass walls and stone. Its roof is made of wood.

Corporate Fitness Center

There are rows of cherry trees. You will also find olive arbors and other native flora dotting large swaths of rolling grassland.


Source: Apple Insider

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