Wikipedia Founder Joins The People’s Operator, Hopes To Raise Money For Charity

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Whales is known for taking part in and encouraging a number of non-profit projects. Whales has now joined The People’s Operator, a wireless carrier in UK which gives away a significant portion of its income to charity.

The People's Operator

The People’s Operator itself is essentially a virtual network. It gains its coverage services from other major carriers such as Orange and O2. In other words, it doesn’t have an actual wireless infrastructure of its own. What it does is simply lease coverage from the big wigs and then repackage it in very enticing wireless plans for the customers.

The company is a stand-out because it donates a whopping ten percent of every single phone bill to a charity service or organization. Customers can decide which charity should 10% of their bill go to, which makes things very transparent too. Not only that, The People’s Operators sets aside 25% of its profits for different social and humane causes, which are decided upon by the company itself.

Whales has signed up as the Chairman of the carrier and hopes that by giving this company a voice in his own person, he will enable it to cut down on marketing expenses and save more for charity purposes. From the looks of it, Whales has already started talking about it and said in a recent interview, ‘I get pitched a lot of things, and most of them are either very idealistic but don’t have a workable plan, or they have a workable plan but they’re not that interesting or inspirational.┬áThis is the first thing I’ve seen that’s really inspirational but also has a perfectly sensible business model.’

A comparative analysis shows that The People’s Operators’ data plans and other packages are very enticing when compared to the standards of regular wireless carriers in UK. This can become a key selling point for the company and together with Whales’ Chairmanship, we may see significant growth in the user base.

Courtesy: The Verge

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