Winamp Gets Acquired By Radionomy, Continues To Live On

Remember how we told you that AOL had decided to shut down Winamp by Dec 20, 2013? Well, that didn’t happen and now Radionomy has acquired the veteran media player which, apparently, will continue to exist.


AOL had decided to shut down the player simply because the company couldn’t evolve it fast enough to suit today’s mobile-centric environment. However, that does not mean that Winamp can’t be tweaked and improved to perfectly suit platforms such as Android and iOS.

In fact, Radionomy does plan to introduce Winamp mobile apps in the coming days. The company’s owner, Alexandre Saboundjian has stated that both the iOS and Android app for the player will be released later this year. This may actually turn out to be an effective revival strategy for Winamp.

After AOL announced that it was pulling the plug on Winamp, there were reports that Microsoft may acquire the player. However, before Redmond giant could make its move, Radionomy scooped away the deal with AOL by acquiring Winamp as well as Shoutcast, an internet radio broadcasting service.

The details of this deal are not known, so we can’t reveal exactly how much did Winamp rake in. Regardless, it wouldn’t have been much since the user base of Winamp has shrunk very quickly over the recent years with many other media players cropping up and amassing popularity. Nonetheless, Winamp will continue to be deemed as among the first reliable media players and with a few improvements, it may yet again gain a significant market.

Courtesy: Mactrast

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