Yahoo Acquired iOS Based TV Tagging App IntoNow

Yahoo! has acquired a minor startup company named IntoNow. IntoNow is an iOS based TV tagging app. The IntoNow app, which recognizes the audio of the show you’re watching, identifies it, tags it and puts it up on your social networks for everyone to see what you’re listening to is like some sort of Foursquare – but for TV.

The app can identify the TV show or movie that’s playing down to the airing, episode and time of a program, for shows that are up to 5 years old. The app also produces recommendations for what to watch, based on what it identifies as a user’s interests and what a user’s friends have watched.

Yahoo and IntoNow didn’t disclose how much the tech giant paid for the small start-up, but various outlets have reported the amount to be from about $17 million to as much as $30 million.


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