Intel UEFI with Sandy Bridge

Sandy Bridge motherboard now with UEFI.This update brings BIOS-replacing firmware with steaming fresh silicon from Intel.The new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is significantly more user friendly interface…….

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface named heir to today’s basic input output system that allows entrance in earnest with the launch of Intel Sandy Bridge at the end. UEFI is like a scaled-down operating system which overcomes many of the limitations of the age-old BIOS.Although UEFI will initially be similar to the BIOS design is the opportunity to introduce modern graphical features, such as window management and support for mouse navigation.

A particularly interesting aspect is UEFI can run programs (“extension”) and is not locked to the motherboard’s memory chip. There is thus no obstacle to download the diagnostic software, overclocking tools or other applications, but for the sake of having to boot the real OS.UEFI initiates computer components in parallel as opposed to BIOS sequential order. Phoenix, for example, showed up computer system that initiates the start of the operating system in as little as 1.37 seconds.

Features :

  • Ability to modern graphical interface
  • Boot from storage devices larger than 2 TB
  • Faster boot times
  • Flexible boot from an unlimited variety of sources
  • CPU architecture independent
  • Fully fledged software environment
  • Support for drivers
  • Support for 32/64 bit memory addressing
  • Advanced security including encryption


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