Intel’s Haswell Chip Spotted In A High-End Gaming Laptop

Intel has been working on its new microarchitecture, Haswell, for a while now. The company is expected to formally announce the series in June this year. However, ahead of this expected launch, the chip is already available to hardware vendors and has been spotted in a high-end gaming laptop from a German PC vendor.

Intel Haswell machine

According to recent reports, the specifications of the latest high-end laptops from DevilTech cite that these machines pack a Haswell chip, including a quad-core core-i7 processor. While Intel is yet to formally announce the Haswell line-up, it is rather surprising to note that certain vendors already seem to have it.

The chip-maker claims that the upcoming Haswell chips will be able to deliver a lot faster graphics processing unit (GPU). In that context, it is quite understandable that the German vendor decided to use the chip in high-end laptops meant for gaming.

Apart from better GPU capabilities, the Haswell line-up will also include faster CPU speeds and will be the first ever mainstream system-on-a-chip from Intel. The company cites that it has brought together the core functions of a PC on a single chip in the Haswell architecture.

From the different instances where Haswell has already been spotted with different PC vendors, it does seem that by the time Intel announces the line-up in June, Haswell machines will already be ready to hit the shelves.

Source: DevilTech

Courtesy: CNET

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